What We Do

We help companies and their owners recognize, understand and exploit their best opportunities.  We help our clients position themselves for the future through structured opportunity identification and analysis, strategy development, product development and enhancement, new venture creation, business development and enhancement and timely mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Fidía professionals are corporate strategists, first and foremost.  We excel in:

  •  Examining trends, markets, industries and channels of distribution.
  •  Gathering and analyzing competitive intelligence.
  •  Assessing strategic alternatives.
  •  Developing sustainable competitive advantages.

As part of our strategic planning process, we help clients determine if growth through mergers and acquisitions is a viable alternative.  We develop options based upon the key factors affecting the industries of interest and upon our client’s organizational and financial capabilities. Fidía also develops and implements creative divestiture strategies.

  • We help develop specific acquisition or divestiture criteria and formulate the strategies needed to achieve our client’s business and financial objectives.
  • We examine industries and trends to identify roll-up opportunities and help our clients determine if they should be buyers or sellers in a given environment.
  • We identify, contact and negotiate with potential buyers, sellers and their advisors.
  • We help arrange financing and do what it takes to get the deal done.

Fidía has a significant track record in all aspects of business development and enhancement leading to increased revenue and profits.  Our success in this area springs from a combination of creative talents, analytical skills and years of practical business experience.  Fidía principals have successfully conceived, started, financed, acquired, operated, revitalized and sold numerous businesses.  As a result, we can:

  •  Revitalize struggling companies.
  •  Develop business concepts, new products and product lines.
  •  Develop marketing strategies and tactics.
  •  Identify, assess and develop opportunities for strategic alliances.
  •  Develop programs for organizational innovation and intrapreneurship.
  •  Create new ventures.

We are known for our ability to analyze trends and industries and to identify major business opportunities that others have missed.  We look for clients who will benefit from our special talents.  We are very good at:

  •  Strategic analysis leading to the identification of major market opportunities.
  •  Creating sensible plans matched to our client’s strengths and organizational capabilities that enable them to capitalize on these market opportunities.
  •  Gathering and capitalizing on corporate intelligence.


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