Business & the Aging of America

Creating Strategic Responses To The Impact of Aging on Your Business
It is a challenge today to find an individual, organization or business that is not affected in some way by the economic and social tidal wave being created by the aging of America and the impact of 54 million family caregivers.

It is an even greater challenge for many businesses to assess and develop appropriate responses and solutions to those impacts.  For health systems, financial services providers and other sectors, those impacts can be direct and substantial, both on their current business and on their future opportunities.  For any employer, the productivity lost when employees must be caregivers might not be so obvious, but it is substantial nonetheless, costing employers as much as $29 billion annually.

Accelerate Strategic Responses
Whether you want to identify and pursue opportunities, or simply manage the risks that are being created by the needs of the caregiving economy, you must act. Most companies will ignore the issues or simply react when competitive pressures build. A few will be more proactive in finding advantages and still fewer will innovate and lead.

If you want to lead and prosper, we can help you accelerate the process.

We are emerging authorities on how the aging of America and the caregiving phenomenon will impact businesses.  We assist clients in developing and implementing specific responses to market opportunities (and threats) created by a rapidly aging population with ever increasing caregiving responsibilities.

Fidía Corporation provides consulting, planning and implementation services through a broad range of inter-related capabilities.

  • Opportunity identification and analysis, flowing from an examination of trends, markets, industries, and channels of distribution.
  • Assessment of growth alternatives, including acquisitions, strategic divestitures and alliances.  We examine options, develop appropriate strategies and serve as intermediaries for the resultant transactions.
  • Product development and new venture creation to enhance existing product offerings and to pursue new opportunities driven by an aging population and the caregiving phenomenon.
  • Strategy development to help clients capitalize on unfolding opportunities; to optimize existing customer relationships; and, to pre-empt competitors.
  • Executive retreats, seminars and speeches on how aging issues and the caregiving phenomenon impact businesses.

Through a separate entity, FamilyCare America, we have developed specialized services and programs for certain vertical markets, “influencer channels” and core audiences related to caregiving.  Together, we invested over $2 million building our knowledgebase, templates, and platforms to help clients respond to the challenges and opportunities created by the aging and caregiving phenomena.

For example, we created an initiative to educate employers about the economic and social costs of these growing issues and how to address them.

We help employers understand and quantify the workplace issues, impacts and costs associated with an aging population, an aging workforce, and the mushrooming number of working caregivers, while – at the same time – reduce their costs by providing substantial assistance to their caregiving employees.  For information about the impact of caregiving on an employer’s bottom-line, visit the employers section of the National Caregivers Library.

In addition, we created the FamilyCare Connector program to support community and faith-based organizations.

The Connector helps organizational leaders and volunteers by enabling them to better help their members.  In addition to providing caregiving information, the Connector helps leaders organize, promote and conduct workshops and group meetings, and support care ministries.  It directly helps their members by providing tools that help them get organized and by pointing them to resources that address physical, emotional, financial, legal and spiritual needs of caregivers, care recipients, family, and friends.

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