Church Mergers

A growing trend in America is “church mergers.”  There are plenty of opportunities to merge with or take over other churches. But, are those opportunities right for your church?

Perhaps you have been approached by a struggling church or one that simply wants to become part of a larger organization. You can read books about church mergers (and we suggest you do) to get a sense of whether or not your church is ready to pursue this course of action.  But, once you decide to pursue a particular opportunity, the inevitable question becomes “So, what do we do now?”

That’s where we come in.

We provide tools and expertise to help churches evaluate merger opportunities, perform due diligence, project cash requirements, perform sensitivity analyses to test the financial impact of your assumptions for attendance, giving patterns, operating costs, start-up costs and more.

Our “ministry mergers” team has extensive experience in opportunity analysis, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning and church finance and administration.

We will tailor our help to fit your needs:

  • If you want to handle all aspects of a merger yourself, our Church Merger Toolkit will save you hundreds of man-hours, minimize frustration, reduce costs and accelerate your process.
  • If you need experienced, professional assistance, we will provide any level of assistance that you desire:
    • Toolkit plus telephone consulting and coaching throughout the entire process
    • Onsite Executive Briefings to educate and prepare your staff and lay leaders
    • Hands-on consulting including periodic visits to work with your merger team, to develop and present reports and presentations to your congregation, to provide due diligence assistance or to help negotiate merger terms and to assist in developing financing options and lender packages
Either way, feel free to call us for more information and to discuss your particular situation.
Contact: Ron Moore @ 804-327-1112


tools for church mergers

Fidia recently assisted a “lead church” in all aspects of a potential merger.  We helped assess the opportunity by performing financial and administrative due diligence on the “joining church” and developing detailed financial proforma for operating the joining church as a campus of the lead church. We then developed and made presentations to the lead church’s Stewardship Team and congregation members; crafted a Memorandum of Understanding between the two churches and developed strategies and tools to educate the congregation and recruit volunteers to be part of the team to “re-launch” the joining church.

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