Situation Analysis / Strategic Assessments

In today’s business environment, many business owners are struggling to determine what they should do with their businesses.

  • Should they “wait it out”?
  • Should they proactively implement a survival or work-out plan?
  • Should they look for ways to leverage the business and its assets including its customer base, facilities, infrastructure, etc.? And if so, how?
  • Should they look for ways to take advantage of today’s low interest rates to refinance the business and restructure its balance sheet?
  • Should they find ways to grow (or simply survive) via an acquisition of, or merger with, another company?
  • Or, should they consider selling parts or all of the business?

Fidia’s situation analysis and strategic assessment is designed to help business owners address these issues by providing an unbiased, unemotional assessment of their businesses; to clarify their current situation; to identify alternative courses of action; and, to help the owner understand the ramifications of those alternatives.

Owners benefit from fresh and objective thinking of experienced executives concerning available options – both strategic and tactical – and gain a framework for deciding which option(s) to pursue.

Our process combines a structured review of specific financial, operational and business information with in-depth discussions and strategy assessments with business owners and senior management.  The objective is to identify and communicate realistic and achievable alternatives that are available to the owner and to begin developing a plan for more thoroughly exploring or pursuing those alternatives.

If you are facing challenging business circumstances,
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